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there something more valuable to sex than imagination and the desire to try new things ? Probably not. In addition, bed matters have no brake. There are ways and means to live a full sexuality. Just close your eyes (or not) and … let go. Something like this comes to say the writer Andrew Fiouzi in his latest article published in the magazine ‘ Mel Magazine ‘. He says, and surely it is an opinion shared by many, that sex can be done in several ways.

The author shares with all readers a curious list of types (perhaps never seen by some) of relationships: make-up sex, sad, with alcohol, breakup, adventure … And although the scientific evidence that ensures that sexual pleasurediffers in all the scenarios in which it is practiced is null, surely relationships are never the same for anyone. Or is it the same to share a bed after listening, in the midst of a collective jubilation, to a concert than to go to bed after coming from a funeral and screaming family mortuary? Well, no. Sex is experienced and seen from a different perspective depending on the circumstance.

Fiouzi defends ‘make-up intercourse’ as one of the best moments for the couple. According to another article of his published in ‘Elite Daily’, he recognizes that this drink is a momentary happiness that, after a bad streak in the relationship, brings a moment of ecstasy . It is, for him, “the moment all couples long for as it allows us to go from a tense and electric struggle to a more pleasant one.” It is, deep down, a swing that goes from hate to love and from pain to pleasure. However, other experts consider that these types of encounters are not good for couples because they are a “mirage”, a deception that encourages people to think that any crisis can be solved with a bed roll. In this sense, Aaron Ben Z’eev, professor of philosophy at the University of Haifa, in Israel, considers that this type of sex is the passage of a state, the bad humor, to another, the love. For their part, sexologists Danielle Harel and Celeste Hirschman , consider that reconciliation sex is a way to build a bridge after a fight since “it is much more intense and passionate and generates much more closeness and connection.”